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I finished your first book today and found it fascinating. I am a writer myself and was looking for a little information about sex and young males because one of my characters shocked me a few years ago when he came out of the closet. I know in my heart that this young man cannot be anything other than gay and I love him so deeply that I want to portray him as the beautiful person that he is. I want to thank you for writing this series. Not only do I now understand male sex better, I also have a better grasp of the gay male psyche. I was also very moved by all the LOVE that you have in your heart. I will begin your second book tomorrow. God bless you.
Dear Bernard,

I have SO enjoyed your first two wonderful books, though I have yet to read the rest, and I hugely rejoice in your discovery of your spirituality.
I don’t know where you are living now, but if you are ever in the UK, I would truly love to meet up with you, if only briefly for a chat…
The news about the Film Series is tremendously exciting and I wish you every possible success with that.
I have, of course voted for you, and will continue to do so on a daily basis !

With Love,

Yours Aye,
  🙂      (60-something-year-old, married [she doesn’t know about that {prevailing} side of me !] Trainee Gyroplane Instructor and author of a Childrens’ book series, with spiritual ‘hints’,  – 


Hi there; my name is Alex, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I am enjoying reading your story.

The way in which you write draws the reader in – as though we are the ones experiencing these amazing adventures first hand – we are able to feel what you feel – you have an amazing ability to transport the reader through your words.

I think because at some level maybe our stories as gay men share a common thread – although our journeys are unique – we can relate to the same sense of joy; desire; frustration; discovery and heartbreak that’s common to us all.

I seem to be devouring chapters without noticing time going by – not that it’s a bad thing; it’s just my dog is giving me that look – “when are you taking me for my walk”,,,,, you’ve been reading for hours! So I have to be mindful not to forget my duties. 😀😀

I currently live in Australia and have done for quite a while – I have been to Malaysia a couple of times and have some amazing Malaysian friends here in OZ – I think they would love to share your amazing journey – and I know what I’ll be giving them as a birthday present.

Thanks again for sharing; it is truly a remarkable story.

Kind regards Alex


Dear Mr. Foong,

I am now completing the third book in the Harem Boy series and as I am a 57 year old gay man I cannot help but smirk every time someone transgresses into a defense and or the philosophy of love/gay love.

Growing up I used the same argument, the idea that boy/boy and or man/man love was “bonding behavior.” It seemed to be the ideal argument/justification for experimentation in the mid to late 70’s.

I didn’t experience the angst of realizing that I was different; I saw myself as a loving individual willing to share and bond; in turn I enjoyed some very close, very sexual, and very deep relationships.

Looking back I also realize that almost all of these relationships were with straight males.

My father was in the US military and we spent 9 years living in Germany. My first real job after college was working in Saudi Arabia for 5 years and during the course of my employment I got to travel extensively throughout the world, especially Asia.

I think that at some point you need to bring your series to a point where you explore the philosophical ideals of what is love? And of course, what is sex?

I find it sad the number of people who live joyless lives, who are unfulfilled, who are lonely and all because they don’t understand and or come to grips with what it is they are looking for in love and or in sex.

I cannot help it but when I look around and note the number of divorces in the United States, the number of married couples who admit to having affairs while being married, the number of children born out of wedlock that somehow we have no concept and or no understanding of sex.

I think in the second book of the series where you discuss Christianity and same sex relations you have stumbled on something and that something could be of great benefit not only to gays but straight people also.

Now, I will acknowledge that I did not visit gay bars when I was younger nor did I have all that many one night stands. Even when I was traveling around the world, with all the opportunities that offered to me, I still was drawn to quality of a relationship rather than quantity of relationships.

Even though I have spent my lifetime in business as an executive and mostly in the homophobic south I can say that I never once apologized, or attempted to hide myself. It has always been that I have been very comfortable with who I am and what I prefer.

I would like to see more and more people come to grips with the concept of sex as bonding behavior; much like the Greeks saw man/boy love, and see that developed into a philosophy for the 21st century.




Hi Bernard. Well I am very into the Initiation, your first in the series, and it is amazing how different our childhoods were. You couldn’t get two more opposite childhoods no matter what. So it is very interesting to read all about your family life. Your mother sounds like the most wonderful human being, just full of tenderness for the world and her family and with her head and heart full of flowers and beauty. She determined that she would not let her disappointment in her husband color her attitude to life. A very strong and resilient person. I will enjoy reading the rest of it, I’m sure. – Vanayssa


hello! I am writing because I am a concerned reader. I stumbled upon your series of books browsing through the amazon catalog and as soon as I started reading I was captivated. I read through the first three books in the series within a 2-3 months and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the fourth book since that point. I am unable to find any additional information about what has happened with the publication and release of the rest of the saga. I hope all is well with you and that you are still in good health! happy holidays!